cuckold - husband watching his wife getting fucked

cuckold - husband watching his wife getting fucked

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    2014-03-26 17:33:41Very accommodating husband sucks the guy off for about 15 seconds before he mounts his wife.


    2014-03-21 17:04:03graceful bull


    2014-03-09 00:33:49gets me wanking everytime


    2014-03-07 22:43:05At the 1 min mark that looks just like me and my hot Latina goddess and her lover.

    Philip Lapinski

    2014-03-07 03:13:00Useless hubby.. she's struggling to hold her legs up and he's wanking away.

    my wife

    2014-02-19 16:04:55still a fave video of mine. Would love for this guy to screw my wife now.


    2014-02-06 20:36:22Nice balls...nice fucking...animal sex...


    2013-12-08 10:21:49Mein Freund wird auch immer ganz geil wenn ich neben ihm fremdgefickt werde.


    2014-02-15 15:45:23Mir ging es auch so. Es war auch schön, von Frau und Lover gedemütigt zu werden. Zum Beispiel wollte sie, dass ich lange wichse bevor der Junge kam. So hatte ich einen schlaffen Schwanz und sie lachten mich aus. Da war noch die Nummer mit meinem eng gebundenen Hoden und die Anspielung n meine bevorstehende Kastration


    2013-10-28 16:12:36I love to see my wife fucking other man because I have small dick


    2013-09-27 12:21:56nice fuck


    2013-08-21 13:41:40Mein Freund ag es es auch sehr, wenn ich vor ihm gut gefickt werde.


    2013-07-07 02:08:04I love getting pounded as he can do nothing but watch me take it!

    happy husban

    2013-06-28 16:59:11This is the way my wife and I like it. We pick up a man in a bar and I suck him while my wife sucks me. After I get him off one time I watch him fuck her.


    2013-08-17 01:46:04My gf had her friend visiting and asked if he could come over I said sure turns out he was bi and she asked me if He could join us I asked if he swallowed he said yes if he could but fuck me we had fun


    2013-06-11 14:21:05He the husband was just like me. I layer there feeling my wife's cunt, as our freind did also, I played with my cock the whole time he fucked my wife, over and over.


    2013-05-05 17:42:46I'm very surprised to find a video of me taken 7 years ago and found it on youporn! But fuck ... 4mios views that's amazing. Thanks for the comments!! it was a great sex session!!


    2013-03-08 12:23:07Pat Finch, I'm unsure whether I want to watch or not. I get very aroused thinking about what she's doing, but, I'm not sure how I would react if I saw she was getting more sexual satisfaction than I give her, which I suspect is what happens !

    Pat Finch

    2013-03-03 16:47:00My husband never gave me an option, penken,. He was always watching - and loved to do just that rather than join in.


    2013-02-27 16:00:51I've never watched other men fucking my wife, but, from what she says its like this, lasts much longer, and has more action. It makes me very horny when she tells me, but, won't let me watch


    2013-01-10 07:27:59I want to be screwed like this!


    2013-01-10 04:12:05i love how he gently plays with her pussy at the beginning, then the husband goes right in there after

    screw my wife

    2012-12-29 17:07:05I want this guy to fuck my wife now


    2012-12-04 21:11:55i love how his balls almost get sucked into her hole as well as his cock, the smacking sounds make me wanna cum ;) mmm i just wanna get fucked.. heres how i like it, - a lot of licking - a lot of rubbing - a lot of sucking - a lot of fucking ;) ouu my pussy is sooo wettt ;)


    2012-11-25 22:47:58he has a blessed ass, beautiful balls and amazing fuck technique. i came twice watching this video

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