Cuck Films Young Wife in Party Train

Cuck Films Young Wife in Party Train

Length:  13:02


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2014-04-08 23:39:57LMAOOOO str8 up dry


2014-03-22 21:36:45I want to get pregnant by the Knight.


2014-03-02 19:44:47Nothing beats several loads of black cum. My b/f has a couple of his buddies come over and they all nut in me. I love my b/f and his 2 friends. Any one of them can give me a baby and I won't complain. I love BBC.


2014-02-21 20:22:58These two guys really know how to make a woman happy. Gorgeous BBC's


2014-02-07 20:41:32She makes beautiful sound. Guy behind camera is ruining it though. Beautiful girls don't need instruction.


2014-01-19 08:19:18First time watching African am. Man. Very sensual and took his time. Damn I had to shut my vibratory off a couple of times to conserve my big orgasm. Firefighter s wife. ..


2013-07-26 01:34:43Thats a pussy work over !


2013-04-17 06:29:17Oh+if+only+to+find+a+woman+like+that+nearby.

Wishfull Hubby

2013-04-17 02:09:37This is a goodlooking bitch who knows how to fuck,looks a lot like my wife nowif I could only convince my wife to fuck other men (BBC) wow. Still trying she seemed aroused maybe soon.Wish us luck.


2013-02-12 19:54:25hott


2013-01-30 05:16:26The part starting at 1:32 is outstanding. Love it when the babe grabs ass; wouldn't mind seeing her go deep in his crack. Reminded me of a first date. I had just started penetrating her, and she was stroking my ass just like in the video. Then, she reached up to the headboard, grabbed a tube of lube, and covered her right middle finger. Then, without much hesitation, she reached around and started sliding her hand over my ass again, and into my crack, then plunged in in one beautifully painful stroke. I was only half way in, and as soon as I caught my breath, gave her the rest in involuntary reflex. For the rest of the night, I didn't move my dick in any direction, depth or speed without her explicit approval... expressed by her middle finger.


2012-11-16 02:03:04choo choo!

Duke silver

2012-11-11 12:13:04That camera man makes more noise than her


2012-10-30 10:18:16Full video available anywhere?


2012-10-27 18:24:48Bad camera man and a director who loves to interrupt.... Not up to DWF Knight standards.

happy italy

2012-10-22 16:31:10My wife did the same last summer. But she only gave head and ass


2012-10-08 04:52:51i wish im in her place


2012-08-26 15:15:36great video...terrible camera man


2012-08-05 17:09:00Great video

valter pavia

2012-07-17 20:45:20tutte le mogli e fidanzate dovrebbero fare cosi


2012-07-05 23:02:03Real sexy vid thanks>I hope Black men love the idea of fucking white wives because lot of couples joke about having a Black man over for sex and one of these day the joking will be real happen thing


2012-06-20 11:41:07camera out of focus! And DFWKnight? I don't see the usual dude. Who are these new blokes? Blah, not as good as DFWknight himself?


2012-06-03 17:37:41wished that was my wife. anyone know her name?


2012-04-20 21:23:07just what she deserves..... just what she wants

crossdresser jon

2012-04-01 19:58:21great spit roast wish it was my wife

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