creampie cleanup

creampie cleanup

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    Post As...simon

    2014-03-01 00:38:33lucky husband


    2014-01-03 18:55:01The ultimate betrayal. I love it!!

    pie connosoire

    2014-01-01 02:17:23i love eating cream pie so much. In thedays before condoms were compulsory, I'd pay a prostitute to keep the guy before's cream pie. I still fantasiesabout the best of them when this little hooker came back to the room after letting him out, the cum was running down her leg, I licked it up and dove my tounge into her snatch.. unfortunately the cum was always gone much too soon for my liking, and now that past time seems to be gone forever..


    2013-12-20 00:05:46The only improvement would be if he had sat on her face.


    2013-10-17 22:09:54i'd love to clean that up

    Big John 9.5

    2013-10-01 13:47:36I service a white pussy and the hubby licks it up;and although I'm a 9.5" cock the turn -on is just as good to watch a submissive hubby lick up my seed oozing out.....nice

    black seed swallower

    2013-09-11 21:54:01we are so into black superiority black guys have so much more to offer then us worthless whites therefor when a black man uses my wife for his pleasure it gives me the opportunity to show him how it pleases me by lapping up his precious sperm out of her pussy his cum is so wonderful when my wife orders me to swallow its my pleasure to obay


    2013-09-03 13:50:19splendid


    2013-08-06 21:14:37it is very common after u let someone make love to your wife to want to suck his dick and I swallow his loadi also let them fuck my ass.

    cum sucker

    2013-11-03 06:03:13fuck yea


    2013-07-27 20:20:53I service 5 black men and I love making them bust their nut deep in me. My hubby will lick up all their hot sperm. Sometimes all of them will be with me together and they literally fill me up will gallons of their cum. My hubby is in heaven sucking it out of me and I usually cum in his mouth giving him more juice. Sometimes 1 or more of them will be with me without hubby being around and the sex is even hotter. I love having them empty themselves in me with their potent seed knowing one of them might give me his baby. I have beg everyone of these magnificent bull's to breed me. I want a black baby and that will teach my husband a hard lesson. I am black owned and want my bull's to use me whenever they want.


    2013-11-12 05:49:09damn right ! :)


    2013-07-22 05:33:15I love this girl and I would happily let her crouch over my mouth with a pussy full of black cum


    2013-07-19 16:08:19Skype us ladies we will give u what u need Cruise Ships ladies we island men ready and waiting


    2013-07-09 04:03:51would love to clean her after


    2013-07-02 11:25:13God how I would love to have a load of Danny's cum. He knows how to fill up a woman. Loved listening to him as he started shooting his load into Holly. She loved it. Danny, your so hot.


    2013-06-29 11:20:46I am so jealous of you Holly. I want a black cock soooooooooooo bad. How I would love to trade places with you in this clip. I want to feel a black cock pound me. After seeing all these sexy black men on here, I realize I need one. I want to become I black cock slut. Any of you black bull's interested in making me a real woman?


    2013-06-09 16:34:06I love watching this clip. Both of them are so into it. I must admit, I would love to have Danny shoot his hot thick sperm deep into me.....I wouldn't mind at all if that sexy man inseminated me and made my belly swell. I would love to lick and suck his hard cock and tight balls clean.


    2013-06-08 15:10:44all time favorite

    cuck finn

    2013-05-20 14:30:15i'd have had to start by clamping my mouth over that dripping pussy and sucking up that big glob of hot come before it dripped onto the bed. don't want to let any go to waste. my girl wouldn't like it if i didn't have a big mouth full to share with her.


    2013-05-03 16:20:54Watching Danny fuck your mouth is soooooooooooooooooooo hot. I would love a chance to drain all of his hot seed out of his balls


    2013-04-28 02:45:11I would love to fuck Danny and feel him cum in me and I would love to eat his seed out of Holly's hot looking pussy. I guess what I am saying is I want Danny's seed anyway I can get it. Holly's pussy is just a plus for me. Watching the end of this, God i loved him to empty his nut in me.

    Do it right ladies

    2013-04-13 13:16:36Cum to antiuga Diamond ice ladies for sum of this


    2013-04-12 10:34:35*Suck it out boy*... Luvz itz


    2013-04-07 02:52:12I+fucken+love+her+positions

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