Condom Breaks but Hubby Keeps Filming

Condom Breaks but Hubby Keeps Filming

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2013-09-30 06:52:06wish this happened to my wife...I so want her to have a black baby....


2013-06-20 12:27:31Loved the naturalness of this very sexy lady. Just like to tell her ignore all the negative comments mostly from guys who can't get it up and wouldn't apreciate a real woman anyway.


2013-06-18 13:41:34I watched a guy fuck my wife and we made sure he wore a condom, unfortunately he kept losing his hard on so we decided to let him do it bareback. Now he had no problems and fucked her very well to three orgasms eventually putting a load in her. He left and I fucked her in her filled pussy, it was fabulous. Trouble is she is now pregnant and it must be his. Thats a problem.

@Dave G

2013-06-16 08:10:48Did it work?


2013-05-15 16:03:50Bitch please making all that noise pussy looks loose as hell


2013-03-17 19:30:34This+is+making+me+reaaaasl+horney


2013-01-08 22:50:58what+s+the+point+in+doing+that?+

wife and Knight

2013-01-08 16:32:38ANother great video of the Knight screwing another man's wife. I'd love for this guy to fuck my wife's brains out next.

Mike P

2012-09-19 16:51:39Why use a condom let them breed you so your husband can feel all the sperm floating around his cock or have him do what I do you get down on the pussy and suck that cum up.


2012-07-22 15:28:08so horny after hearing the pfftlllt of cock and cum @ 5:48

Jo annie

2012-05-22 00:22:43My hubby was filming his co worker fucvking me with his big cock and made sure that his buddy wore a condom the trouible was that either he was too big or I was too tight as we kept rolling the condom off his big dick,we put the thing back on like four times finally he yanked it outta my pussy and rode me bareback.Man did he stretch my pussy lips out and when he did end up cumming he left puddles of his hot cum laying on my stomach and tits,I think his big cumshot would have blown the end out of the condom anyway.

ffffab x

2012-05-21 18:55:32dommage que ce soit mal filmé : on ne voit pas assez le visage de cette très belle femme....


November 30, 2011Really filthy, slut wife and I just loved her. Hubby needs filming lessons though. Condom came off because he couldn't keep his hard on.

Dave G

October 10, 2011I poke holes in my condoms. I'm trying to get my girlfriend pregnant.


August 13, 2011Cindy, you well hot girl, can I fuck you one day please?


July 31, 20115:24 i think is when the condom broke


July 05, 2011wait. why was she grabbing his man boobs in the beginning?


May 26, 2011jeez she was like a fountain!!!! she goes soooo deep


April 10, 2011now this was great fucking


February 01, 2011Don't see the condom breaking...!


January 31, 2011my hubby lets me try it now and then, but I reward him greatly


January 19, 2011she is the laziest fuck ive seen

ms wet wet

January 13, 2011he made her squirt so fast in the beginning i want him to fuck my pussy i love him


January 08, 2011fuck


November 16, 2010there are a lot of black men to please white woman or white men,for that I am sure.Just ask them example would you please fuck me.

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