Comparing pussy lips

Comparing pussy lips

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    2014-04-19 15:12:58Dam that is hot. I wish both of those girls were on my bed. I would love to be there and join in with them


    2014-04-12 21:45:28WOW, WOULD LOVE TO EAT BOTH OF THEM

    binky stinker

    2014-01-22 23:13:51Who's the younger girl?


    2014-01-12 15:34:37Love to put my cock in both you. I so hard watching you two playing with your pussy. I need to put my cock in your pussy and fill you up with my cum

    pussy lip cutter

    2014-01-08 16:01:06they should all be circumcised all in A raw nothing but the clit an pellows should be left snip snip.


    2013-12-16 18:57:53tastie little redhead.., milfy isn't bad way is to Taste them and suck on the sweet lipps......


    2013-12-03 02:58:27yes. i love the lips.


    2013-11-29 16:52:34I would love to put my cock into both your pussy.

    Mr Big Cock

    2012-11-19 12:25:19This video needs my cock in it


    2012-11-06 18:36:59these arent even big lips!!! mine measure 6 inches 'wing' span..:(


    2012-11-03 19:01:47 a beautiful, different type of vedio. very excellent


    2012-11-02 23:34:58I love this video.. makes me feel good about myself. I don't know why, maybe because I find their pussies attractive and mine is similar. My bf has made rude comments before about girls with similar pussies.. so I sometimes wonder what he actually thinks about mine and that makes me self conscious and I don't show it off to him anymore, or even let him go down on me. Fucked up... I know.


    2013-10-21 21:09:29Your boyfriend is an asshole if he makes such comments...


    2012-09-30 14:59:54got to try this on my wife and can you help me how to get my wife cum like ever did


    2012-08-30 18:01:06the first thing i would have done is sucked up all of her pussy juice


    2012-08-21 04:04:53max your volume by 4minutes and 3seconds


    2012-08-10 08:29:39I have big pussy lips, labia minora....this video made me so wett...wish there were more like this. Brunette is Nurse Lick, Veronica Snow.


    2012-05-23 02:14:18i liked these two girls a lot...would like to join them


    2012-05-02 13:32:15Perfectly legit storyline


    2012-03-19 01:56:28Ladies if you have big labia, do not change, men love it. Are you crazy! It's an advantage over the no lip girls that only have a slit. If u have big tits and big labia, that is even better, no man could resist.


    2012-03-11 20:45:37So what are these two girls names and where can I find more vids of either of them?


    November 17, 2011A pussy should be hairless, first condition, even better: a clit like a pearl, and a cunt-slot, which opens, when the pussy-lips are stimulated.I like great pussylips beeing a little bit chubby and pink small lips. Rubbing my dick againts the clit my wife begins moaning very loudly


    November 06, 2011Love chewing on pussy lips like these. Had to jerk off watching them spreading wide


    October 26, 2011fun....god love to do this kind ofstuff


    October 22, 2011The nipple in the background while she plays and licks out the other's pussy... HOT!! Fuck I wanna eat out some pussy.

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