chinese girl fucked by white guy

chinese girl fucked by white guy

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King dick

2013-12-09 08:32:05Her fucking stop lights are hanging to her knees lol


2013-10-27 05:15:39She is not Chinese ! SURE!


2013-09-12 16:11:51I tend to agree she is likely Filipino or southern Chinese but she's not his GF there's no chemistry between the two. when I anal fucked my girl friends it's different from getting doing it with a prostitute. Bottom line this girl was paid hopefully well.

Asian Guy

2013-06-19 13:19:21Watching white cock destroy Asian ass and Pussy is truly a great experience.


2013-06-15 11:16:02he should have fuck her harder


2013-02-19 16:13:03I use to tutor Chinese and Japanese girls in English when their parents moved over to the US. The girls could speak English to some degree, but the parents wanted to speak the words properly. It seems that Oriental women have two passions... one is with sex, they love it... secondly most are curious about American men's dicks, as they've heard we are bigger than their men. I have probably tutored 25 of these girls over the past 4 years and everyone one of them reached over for my dick within 2-3 sessions. I do know that some of the moms knew I was fucking their daughter, but they still had me come back for additional lessons. I will say this, they are hot women, love to fuck but you have to warm them up first... no wam bam stuff.


2013-01-25 16:35:52Its difficult for him because he is circumcized. Thats the whole point about circumcision so as to not let the guy be able to masturbate and waste his sperm but that its supposed to be injected into the woman.


2013-01-25 16:33:24Wow, talk about getting the bung-hole. Fucking her like he really meant it.


2012-05-22 16:12:55Looks like he couldn't come without jerking off. Can't blame him.


December 15, 2011hired housekeeper. girl from China was with a family and she told me was a slave. Owner tried to make her have a baby, his wife could not. She soon let me fuck her and looked forward to fucking ech time she came. after a year she got knocked up and family took her back to China. Have no clue where any of thme are now.


December 13, 2011eehh whatever but she is not chinese....if she is chinese then probably from south but not from north. she looks more like thai or filipino.


November 09, 2011What brand of toaster did he use to film this?

the chosen miserable

October 16, 2011i hate doing blowjob....i hate the taste of semen...but idk....maybe im martyr enough to do it for my boyfriend compensating how he could eat mine....

intelectual orc

September 30, 2011SHE IS NOT CHINESE!!


August 08, 2011I hate these type of videos when these american morons bang some asian street whore and dont dare to let their faces show on the video. maybe they have a fat american psycho wife at home!

Joe B

July 15, 2011Filipinas are the absolute BEST LBFMs! My LBFM is a filipina and she never makes me wear a condom and ALWAYS wants me to cum inside her!

no chn

May 05, 2011she is not a chinese! chinese girls most times not shaved pussy


April 09, 2011Miss you! Love you! Not see you long time - what's your name now??? :)


February 28, 2011chinese girls best fuck buddies and love european men something bad.. they like fucking and in my experience love to have spunk in them

Chinese Dude

February 24, 2011She is not chinese


February 16, 2011not chinese!!!


January 19, 2011filipino girl


December 26, 2010this is only tourism sexual... people with frustration


December 20, 2010you need a new bed man...springs are shot


December 11, 2010this video is fuck hot but the tile should be Chinese girl fucked in the ass by a white guy

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