Blonde takes BBC up the arse

Blonde takes BBC up the arse

Length:  20:01


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    Sexy Leroy

    2013-11-13 05:16:44The booty is good but he should have plugged that super-pink boxx first! That thing was like a ham sandwich!!!!!!!


    2013-10-03 23:10:10I wanna suck that cock too!


    2013-02-24 01:50:39This is what we must always do: swallow.


    2014-03-11 21:22:28Especially after a good anal...

    Mr Dick

    2012-06-26 18:17:26NOW thats how you fuck someone in the ass,nice and slow.let the women come while your fucking her ass real slow.GREAT...................


    2012-05-19 04:21:39Nice thick load he shot into her mouth and loved how she swallowed right away


    2012-03-02 22:01:22i wud defo luv to fuck her and hav him fuckin me. Cant wait to show my wife.


    March 18, 2012its gen padova


    January 03, 2012@ Eve. Yes. He had no trouble hitting the anal clit.

    Black owned

    December 23, 2011Went 2 my xmas party without my husband and met a lovely black gent. Well I thought he was a gent till he was sliding his black cock in and out of my pussy telling me I am black owned now, your white hubby wont be able 2 fullfill your needs anymore. And he was right he was treating me so rough throwing me round on his cock. I loved every second of it.


    December 21, 2011Dirty, very dirty and hot. Great hole


    August 12, 2011WOW!!! has anyone counted how many times she came? after 6 i stoppedbecause it is too good to be true!... and it IS TRUE!


    July 08, 2011Can you say painful much.


    May 08, 2011i love black cock ,,, n rather have it in my ass than my pussy,,,, so send over that guy cause hes one heck of nice brown sugar i would like to feel in me n sux on him ,,,,

    big fella

    May 05, 2011my cocks only about an inch smaller than that and I fucked an 18 year old in the ass for her very first time..... and that aint faking, mine sounded exactly the same. only I came in her ass. figure she'd like the whole expirence!


    April 06, 2011i love black cock


    February 23, 2011my wife is into bbc and she gets so hot watching things like this i even get some from her thanks


    February 15, 2011God, why all the complaining and moaning about anal sex, they do bigger turds than most dicks and they don't scream the bog down while doing it, do they? Her butt-hole owned that negro's knob.


    February 10, 2011Some poor white guy with a small cock has to follow that :D


    January 21, 2011my wife wants him to come round and fuck her in the arse she loves black cock


    January 16, 2011mmm... with that nice meat up my ass i'd be moaning all the time as well.


    January 07, 2011I wonder how bad these chicks pussies smell after fucking


    December 10, 2010Fabulous to discover this gem with Gen! I first saw her 5 years ago or so when she did dp with 2 bbcs in the "24" of Pain" series but without the anal. She's maturing wonderfully. If she's acting she should win an Oscar or a "Johnson" or I'm surprised that this hasn't gotten even more views given its rating and how long it's been posted.


    November 22, 2010Wow. What a gorgeous, petite, peachy arsed hottie! AND sheloves it in the ass! Not fake, btw, you can see the flush round her neck.sure sign.


    November 07, 2010LMFAO haha funny shit at 13:50 lol (well just after)

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