blond wife fucks big black dick (interracial)

blond wife fucks big black dick (interracial)

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2014-02-02 02:07:51I fingered myself so hard to this video. I can't wait to fuck my hubs am when he gets home.


2014-01-16 19:55:55I want him to cum in my white wife pussy and make her cry


2013-09-22 16:34:47reminds me off my wife when I share her she is very passionate and allows the man every part of her body for how ever long he wants very loving women that knows what me want and gives herself 100 percent a pro in bed.

indian couple

2013-09-18 15:43:03well only a black man can make my wife orgasm over and over

lucky lady

2013-08-22 22:41:10lucky lady


2013-07-22 08:30:51mmmm i am wet


2013-05-14 13:36:30White chick giving black man oral pleasure next girl rides the black cock, I can't believe this film is over three years old. Couple continue to have sexual intercourse in different positions....nice background music by the lovely Anita Baker, I guess this is what chemistry means?


2013-05-07 21:06:55Hot black man!


2013-05-01 07:44:16Awesome


2013-04-30 23:25:08I+want+some+of+thay


2013-04-18 09:58:46Mr Bill = 2 inch penis. Wife probably fucks BBCs on the down-low. He probably also thinks her pussy is OH-SO sweet... doesn't realize he is eating the black man's cum residue.


2013-04-17 15:09:59I want to see a black man pound my wife like that!

Mr Bill

2013-04-11 16:10:31For all those who think you must be black to satisfy a women, your wrong. Great number of black men treat a vagina like a jerk off box. few men of any color understand how to satisfy or get to know. few actually listen to her and what actually feels good. My wife today is better lover after 24 years of marriage. I am better as well for her. Never allow a stereotype effect your sex life. Its not cock size either. If the size of his cock matters its in your mind. listen to her and what works, will satisfy her all she can take.


2013-09-11 09:35:16I believe you mr bill is not about the cock size


2013-03-30 22:52:05I love black men and I love to hear them and look at them as they start to cum........I love their seed.


2013-02-22 02:00:58Boy I only wish my hubby would let me have some fun with some BBC. I love him dearly but once you have a taste of BBC you just can't quench it. Loved this video and every woman should have a taste of a man like this.


2013-02-17 03:48:14I dont allow my wife to sneak around, I watch her do the deed ... and then i jerk off hard ..


2013-02-04 11:47:15I think it's hot... Emma's right... Get out there and fuck some black guys, ladies;-)


2013-01-27 13:34:48I only wish my hubby would let me fuck some BBC It is sort of fun sneaking around getting it. I loved the ending in this one. That is my favorite position because the guys gets in me so deep.


2013-01-13 00:56:39I am not going to say sth different: i wish i was her...


2012-12-15 01:48:15I+love+sharing+my+wife+with+her+boyfriend,+Ive+never+seen+them+fucking,+but,+the+little+hints+she+gives+me+really+turns+me+on+when+I+know+they+are+together+and+hes+fucking+her+really+hard


2012-11-23 04:17:59The best I have ever seen. My thing is seeing a lady enjoying herself, whatever it takes. These two were great together and I'm betting her husband exploded in her afterwards.

tight cunt

2012-11-20 01:37:39i love black cocks


2012-11-11 22:36:01For the site only: the same woman! It should be put as the first related video.

Average white guy.

2012-10-15 05:09:15The best sex I have ever seen two people have.

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