Black men get day off to fuck white women

Black men get day off to fuck white women

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    2013-11-06 20:31:22Too bad it wasn't real. All white women should be made to have sex with blacks


    2013-10-29 05:34:42Oh yes I would let that handsome black bull getting me pregnant with a couple of half black & half white babies myself so's I can show off my own baby bump whenever we,he and I do go out in public together with each other!


    2013-09-13 22:29:16great moment !!!


    2013-05-05 09:51:44Nice vid big blk man yum yum


    2013-10-29 05:39:30Indeed that big blk bull is ever so sexy and yummy for sure Sazy!


    2012-12-09 06:15:34He drove me freaking insane!


    2012-11-25 19:12:45fack you


    2012-11-02 17:23:03whats the name of tis film?


    January 10, 2012I agree with seriously, i don't expect porn writers to the most intelligent, creative or the brightest; but they can at least be a little more sensitive. How anyone could watch this after that intro is beyond me.


    December 31, 2011Obama wasn't elected when this was made


    July 15, 2011its one of the best i have seen in a long time at least it has a story.

    fire starta

    June 15, 2011jus doin my that was great

    the boss

    May 12, 2011good vid,


    April 10, 2011this is some funny stuff!!!!


    March 02, 2011Dude its just a bull shit set up so they can fuck, just watch the damn video and enjoy it


    January 22, 2011While I understand that most of us fast forward to the good parts but seriously?? This is some racist mess here. Black men on reparations day head to the house of someone whose car they stole so they could have sex with them!?! Nonsense

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