black guy fucks asian girl

black guy fucks asian girl

Length:  13:59


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2013-10-01 20:20:16Damn she's hot.


2013-06-05 20:09:52that black man is her husband

yummy me

2012-12-14 06:48:11where was this taken? canada?

why cant this happen to me

2012-09-10 11:16:28this looks so great. It is truly the best video of its kind that i've seen before

david m

2012-06-28 18:46:29oh shit


2012-03-03 10:48:18The action was great but whoever did the encoding needs to do it again, give a clearer picture.

Canada guy

September 06, 2012@Bubba. This was filmed in Canada. It says so at around 1:22. Canadians on average tend to be more tolerant of mixed-race dating than people in America. (especially in Toronto)

my pleasure

December 06, 2011he has a small dick for a black dude


October 01, 2011Brilliant, and I am glad she kept the stockings on...


September 30, 2011Say what you want, she obviously enjoyed it. She actually seemed to like him. Rare for IR porn.


August 22, 2011Is she a Vietnamese or Thai gal?


June 17, 2011My wife is Japanese. But have never watched a black guy screw her.

-inset name here-

January 29, 2011hehe me and my bf enjoyed this Glad to see there's more people like the two of us! ^___^


December 26, 2010Great vid! @ smithers LOL :D


December 25, 2010@ smithers ...i daresay you are right ! : )


September 04, 2010something tells me a white man was behind all this ;)


August 27, 2010asian wife cheating her husband for black cok

la plebada

June 30, 2010pinchi negro se paso de verga loko y la chinita ni pio decia loko un saludo pa toda la plebada pariente arriba sonora viejon al millon

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