Big Tits, small dick

Big Tits, small dick

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    2013-09-09 23:51:36mine is 16,5 cm


    2013-08-06 03:03:31Mine is slightly thicker than my middle finger, 2" SHORTER than this one, pity me lol


    2013-06-06 10:25:11thats not small!!! its a normal dick


    2013-03-30 20:57:25honestly, that's smaller than average. and i'm asian!


    2013-01-22 19:34:49My dick is 5 inch


    2012-09-18 19:01:28This is the smallest dick that I've ever seen.

    dick off :(

    2012-06-26 05:16:49use what you got!!! dont be so opsest about size! i am in wheel cher (spine injury) and i dont feel my dick... i would give 20 yrs of my life for 8cm cock that works. belive me, fuck as much as you can no meter what you got

    peanuts cracker

    2012-04-15 14:29:18his dick is quite big if u ask me...what matters is if u can turn a girl on...


    2012-03-23 21:41:55so much idiots around always worried about the material size... that's what you were born with... use it well to make true love with your partner, that's enough. And that's what you want.


    January 01, 2012all my girlfriends say I am BIG...whatever... and its only about 7inch,and they all moan and love it.The average woman dont want a monster dick.

    Nice dick

    December 29, 2011Just a nice dick to have sex with girls.. ;) Its not about the lenght but the height...


    December 27, 2011Mine is about same thickness but at least a inch shorter


    December 23, 2011I'm not sure why everyone is so worried about how big average is or how big his dick is. She is obviously enjoying it quite a lot, I think that speaks for itself.


    November 30, 2011Mines is 4cm across & 14.5cm long. Small i'd say but not had any complaints. To my face at least. ha ha. lol


    September 27, 2011nah, that dick is fine ... the huge ones in porn are definitely not the norm. Plus, like women really want to be jabbed with a giant dick, you can't get the whole thing in if it's too big


    September 22, 2011whose the girl?


    September 01, 2011GO JAGGER


    August 02, 2011my dick is much smaller. i just have a 4cm thin cock


    June 18, 2011lol...mine is waay bigger..


    May 22, 2011What says the girl at the end of the video???


    May 15, 2011Man, I love the music! Anyone know what it's called? His dick is normal sized!


    March 28, 2011I think his dick is ok....important is to use well...and he don't has this problem....he fucks nice

    lee lee

    March 24, 2011damn ima girl and i would love to fuck her


    March 24, 2011my dicks bigger;p


    March 05, 2011The music kicks ass. I wish they would make a soundtrack for 70-80s porn music. That shit would sell like crazy. I'd buy it and blast it in my car stereo and at my house during sex. haha

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