Big Black Cock For My Sexy Blonde Wife

Big Black Cock For My Sexy Blonde Wife

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Amateur Ann

2014-01-24 10:24:31OMG creamer come on over, i told Fred how I am interested I hoping your name is cum inside creamer ha ha ha, as that is what I want

Amateur Ann

2014-01-22 15:07:12I'm not blonde, but I am white, come and fuck me hard and fast, I would want his cock rammed into me all the way up,to his balls I would want him to cum deep inside me, you want me blonde ok,I,will,dye my hair blonde, OMG I love watching this vid, I would love him to,fuck me doggy, legs over my shoulder just like her so he could sink that deep inside me, I would want my husband Fred to watch me get fucked, I would want Fred to see him grip my arse plunge that big cock in and out of my pussy then grip my arse even tighter and with a final plunge holding his cock deep inside me as he pumped what I would hope would be a baby making load of cum so deep inside me I could taste it, question to my husband Fred would you like that! I think Could turn into a slut mmmm!!! yes please


2014-01-24 10:20:45Wow Ann you sure making me want to come and fuck you, Fred want to watch I will show him how I fuck you good you want black cock all time I,would turn you into my BBC slut


2014-01-22 07:09:04i lke that,,


2014-01-07 13:25:20My favorite all time vid. Just wish it was clearer.


2013-12-03 06:42:09I would fuck her better!!!


2013-11-29 06:56:46My italian cock is bigger and better and I will fuck her way better than that black guy!!!


2013-10-25 04:05:21tres tres bon


2013-10-19 23:01:54She had a real good big cock fucking, bet hubby shot in his pants filming and licked her stretched cum filled cunt out afterwards


2013-09-20 03:23:57If I had a girl that looked like that, I'd fuck her like that myself and NEVER share her.


2013-09-16 07:38:25I. Woulld suck on that cock


2013-09-07 16:27:51my wife has had a lot of sex with both colors she is white and says that white guys overall are better lovers are much better at foreplay and fucking black guys want to put it right in.

I want to hav sex

2013-07-10 05:54:33Who want to hav sex

Pussy Punisher

2013-07-03 03:55:11That is how a pussy should be fucked,beaten with firm deep strokes. changing the tempo as you work.....

Bruce J

2013-06-08 13:45:02I'm a married black man and I've been doing the same thing to a married white wife for years . We fuck each other silly then go our separated ways until its time to meet again which average between 5-7 times a month. Couldn't ask for a better discreet relationship..


2013-05-07 23:20:37The wonderful adventures of a white cunt. I wish i was her...

Horny ass girl

2013-04-19 01:53:41I'd love to be fucked like that... Holy shit


2013-04-15 01:10:10I would have cummed many times


2013-04-15 01:07:52Not good enough, Who told you that girls dont like it? I would love it! Big dick, hard fucking and creampie...


2013-03-12 01:46:14pull back! pull back!!! whole body!! lol!!


2013-02-02 21:02:58Anyone else catch the "I love you" statement she makes at 7.49? The husband should be very worried.


2013-01-26 15:14:45maybe you should try come over and due my wife for me seams like she getting board with me


2013-01-23 02:02:00my wife wood love that all night long


2013-01-14 00:50:35LMAO...."TIME OUT"

not good enough

2012-12-28 05:22:34funny thing is that most woman don't like to be fucked like that, fast and hard (they can't really feel the dick), but this one seems to like... I guess there's taste for everything. but when she says "time out" there's a tone of melancholy in her voice, she's not saying "oooohhh time out" or anything, if she was really enjoying that shit she would have said it differently I'm sure.

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