Best of Master

Best of Master

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    2013-12-18 18:35:16too short but made me jizz in 1 min lol but luv thoose girls HOT!!!


    2012-03-10 08:51:58Gotta love a good squirt!


    November 15, 2011ite cute


    September 09, 2011I don't care what it is, she can do that to me anytime!


    September 08, 201169 girl you are so sexy and I would love you to squirt like that on me


    April 25, 2011The 69 top girl can squirt in my mouth anytime

    Big daddy

    April 02, 2011No way, I've been pissed on all this time :-(


    March 23, 2011lol


    March 14, 2011I am a gynecologist and know for a fact that this is definitely urine. Uneducated people think that it's "squirt" or "cum." The skenes glands are located in the vagina and secrete a milky lubricant. Depending on the hormones and the time of the month, a woman's lubricant can be thicker and whiter than other times. Nothing comes from a woman's urethra other than urine. Those who have drank this "squirt" are drinking urine. It tastes sweet because urine has a neutral pH and when mixed with pheromones, can have a much different smell and taste. The reason why it squirts so far.....the labia minora and majora swell and the clitoris becomes erectile during sexual arousement and intercourse. This swelling and erectile tissue distorts the urethra and its opening causing the urine to come under pressure and squirt like a fire hose. Also the G-spot sits posterior to the bladder. The women in the pornos are definitely acting. This has happened to me twice in my life. The first was with a man who had a curve to his penis. This did hit my G-spot and caused me to lose control of my bladder and "squirt" or urinate in a fountain-like manner. The second man hit my G-spot at just the right angle and caused me to lose control. Unfortunately those of you who think it's not urine.....sorry, but you have been drinking urine or have been urinated on. This is nothing more than a "rebirth" of the "golden shower." Nothing in a woman, comes from the urethra except urine. In a man ejaculation comes from the urethra because the spermatic cords empty into the urethra. Educated persons know the truth, the uneducated are always fooled. Sorry to disappoint the women who have been doing the urinating. And sorry to disappoint the men who have been urinated on or been drinking urine!


    January 06, 2011it cute


    November 21, 2010Should have both been naked. I want this squirting babe and my boyfriend wants to watch.


    September 25, 2010that's NOT pissing i am a sexologist i know...

    O rly?

    August 30, 2010That's piss. That's definately piss. Ain't no woman on earth who cums like that.


    June 26, 2010are you also lesbian?

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