Best female orgasm compilation

Best female orgasm compilation

Length:  11:19


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2013-02-19 01:06:14Anyone with 2 brain cells can tell some of the girls are being filmed unknowingly!!! Not cool!!!


2013-01-07 08:29:30many years ago i see the full vid of 2nd girl, any one know were i can get it???


2012-10-31 00:16:02i'm cumming rite now, love how their pussies swell


2012-10-24 16:41:30It feels so good u just dont wanna stop

blind cunt

2012-10-05 03:27:00the film quality is shit either that or i am going blind :)


2012-09-27 11:25:10HAHAHA das PLOPP bei 3:59 ist ja zu geil... :-D

that girl

2012-09-11 02:08:03haha notice how guys are never in the videos

Roger Dodger

2014-04-15 12:53:57Towards the end there were a couple of guys. We all know that you can cum without the help of a man; why else were hands, toys and even other ladies invented. But nothing equals the beauty of a woman in the midst of or immediately after a great orgasm. And I want to be the cause of that beauty.


2012-08-31 22:32:11Super Compilation! Aber habt ihr gemerkt, dass nur drei Männer ihre Ladies zum Orgasmus gebracht haben? Alle anderen mussten selber Hand anlegen!

Mr. 8 inch

2012-08-27 09:38:15That clit pump made her big as shit! O.o


2012-08-27 00:22:00The one starting at 8:57 is the hottest fucking thing ever. That girl is GREAT. She clearly enjoyed it so much. I assume no one has seen anything else of hers?

Post as?

2012-08-04 05:51:10The tanning salon thing kinda made me laugh honestly lol


2012-07-18 15:33:31i want to be a sex partner


2012-05-11 22:41:07What in the fucking fuck! @ 2:42?!?!?!?!


December 02, 2011THAT 2ND GIRL IS MYGF!

Dick Lash

November 27, 20112nd girl is fucking awesome.


November 21, 2011film it for us, kelly


November 08, 2011my pussy is dripin time to get some toys out xx


November 02, 2011''you are always on my mind'' i wonder who she think of ^_^


October 06, 2011There is NOTHING so hot and sexy as watching my gf or any other girl for that matter, play with their pussy until they explode all over themselves. I love to watch girls masturbate and especially if Im sitting right in front of her and can lick her to another as soon as she is done.


August 31, 2011Interesting assortment a lot looked like surveillance video. Loved the girl with nothing but sox on. And the tanning bed..


August 25, 2011best moment - on the 3rd minute and on


August 23, 2011There are fewer things more beautiful than watching a woman orgasm.


August 16, 2011Yes, that couple was banging in front of a game. I love having sex with sports on TV!!


August 09, 2011A gradual orgasm is better than a quick orgasm. Take it from me - when a woman is close to orgasming (well me anyway) 9/10 they'll let you do what you want - as long as they get their orgasm....or is that just me O.o lol

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