beautiful wife fucked by husband's friend

beautiful wife fucked by husband's friend

Length:  26:25


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wishful husband

2013-03-20 03:24:33he is one lucky husband!


2012-12-15 11:52:52Flo i miss you too much it hurts too much


2012-11-02 11:00:39kutti rand!


2012-11-02 10:39:27wow ! i love it . i wish i could be there.


2012-10-03 09:04:35that was soo sexy hot have done that with my wife & we Loved it Such A turn On


2012-09-02 11:23:19fuck, i would love to be in her


2012-08-28 17:09:16damn, i would love to be her..


2012-07-31 00:20:47in this vid u can see that lights aren't amateurish and all. in any case saskia's da bomb. i'd love 2 see how she was like with her original titties on

Henry van Z.

2012-07-29 12:53:20In a good regular video,one on one, sometimes the actors are enjoying themselves and the scene is really hot. In this kind of vids, it is all about camera-positions and getting paid afterwards.And viewers, who think, that it is all real, and these are amateurs or something.


2012-07-13 01:09:04and what would be the difference between 'regular vids' and 'standard material' if u dont mind? i could drop sum more aight

Henry van Z.

2012-07-12 17:50:52This is Saskia Steele with her fake-husband and some other dude. I rather see her in more regular video's, because this is standard material, another day on the job.


2012-06-29 16:42:11real hot when her husband is kissing her while she is getting fucked good and hard by another dude


2012-06-15 15:06:46glad u ppl like this vid. it's also one of my favorites


2012-06-09 23:27:21well you know, each of these guys has its role, one does the fucking and the other the cherishing.. but if the chick's right i'll do both myself; no wait, i'll even do something more


2012-06-07 21:32:45she's so tight


2012-06-04 22:58:50girl.. if there 's something lets be clear about everything plz. i'm always the same guy.

Funky Joey Joe

2012-06-01 15:46:12Looks like a young Mariska Hargitay.


2012-06-01 02:52:32she's 1 of the hottest ladies i've ever seen on yp thats fo sho. @flo yeah ,i suppose im talkin to ya, at least i hope so


2012-05-25 20:14:43hi,,,this is so far ,,1 of THE, best film i watched,that the couple are real,so they show the dynamics & nature &4 sure the essence require " king worshiping ,his queen " conquered.BRAVO , p.s.she give it wild. g -locc,,,r u talking to me?


2012-05-25 16:48:21menuda diosa y caras de placer dios me la ha puesto dura


2012-05-24 16:12:19she is damn tight...very hot!!!


2012-05-22 04:04:01Very hot! She's beautiful esp her ass, legs and face. The friend brought in to fuck her has indurance beyond belief. How does he last so long going so strong? One of the best on the site for sure.


2012-05-22 01:02:55excelent.


2012-05-14 22:43:23@ruff - i want u baby.. no one 's gonna be able to give you as much passion as me


2012-05-08 22:47:56ive happened to bang some other man's wife once or twice, and noticed how excited he was while looking. Im not married but i think that if i was, i wouldn't like it. sure, this is probly better than ur wife fucking around without you knowing.. anyway, never say never

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