Babysitter busted

Babysitter busted

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    February 28, 2013When the "dad" gets into the "can't believe what I just saw"... he was too much over the top and that scene went on way too long. Other than that, not too bad. I fucked my gf's babysitter when I caught her talking on the phone and playing with herself. My gf was still at work and I had just got off work to swing by and there she was, on the couch with her legs spread, her dress up, and fingering her pussy while talking on the phone. She saw me and started to get up, but I motioned for her to stay on the couch, telling her to continue talking, and I got on the couch and started licking her already wet pussy... her moans became real in a short while, and I'm sure whoever the guy she was on the phone with thought he must be some super phone sex guy... lol. I got my dick out and rubbed it on her pussy, and she reached down and pulled it in.. we were fucking pretty good and finally she dropped the phone and had both hands on my body, her legs up in the air, and the guy on the phone must have finally figured something out... my gf almost caught us, but she did smell the sex in the air, and asked me about it after she left. I told her I fucked her, and she said "well next time let's make it a triple play... which we did. Hot hot hot


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