Angry blonde girl gets surprise birthday cumshot!

Angry blonde girl gets surprise birthday cumshot!

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    2014-03-26 04:05:39does anyone have link for full video


    2014-01-07 18:07:02The birthday fuck concept is hot, but this was badly done. The dudes are total lame dicks and the fake cum from a plastic dong act is overdone. The only hot thing is the blonde girl.


    2013-08-22 17:03:49I did this for my wife 50th. My wife gives the best blow job. But when one friend was fucking her real hard she was sucking on my black friends cock. It did end up being very big. She never saw that before. I gotta say that she did the wildest blow job ever. She made him last. She kept on letting it out of her mouth when he was about to cum. She was loud and she cummed three or four times. Her 54th is coming in 5 months. I am going to have the same party for her.

    cutie 22

    2012-07-21 05:04:19i bet he is good


    2012-02-27 11:04:06I feel bad for the guy who got hit with the cum in the beginning...


    June 20, 2012she is very sexy.i love the madison


    December 22, 2011If this were a real cum shot, it would be sexual assault. Lucky for the dude, they are actually making a porn and the 'cum' is really coconut water and corn starch.

    dude guy

    December 04, 2011i like how she laughs when she trys to say ITS NOT FUNNY

    Who wants to know? you?

    October 07, 2011LOL The Guy in the Green shirt Gets OWNED!!!

    chris brown

    September 13, 2011in my apinion i love asians


    August 13, 2011Iy got all over that guy behind her lol


    May 23, 2011i wish i can do this to someone


    May 11, 2011:O


    April 11, 2011Nice girl - whats her name ?


    February 14, 2011 FAKE


    December 29, 2010its a fake cumshot


    December 19, 2010Yea, this is how my birthday goes too!


    November 22, 2010Its not fake.


    September 07, 2010lmao how fake


    August 10, 2010i loled so fricken hard at this!

    July 27, 2010haha the guyin the green shirt right in the biggining got some of hisload too haha


    July 12, 2010a very big FAKE cumshot whats the point


    July 07, 2010a very big cumshot...

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