Amatuer Ebony fucked in the Slums FULL VIDEO

Amatuer Ebony fucked in the Slums FULL VIDEO

Length:  14:31


Views: 246917

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too short

2013-06-18 15:53:373 minutes,dude?!! REALLY?!? C'mon, man!!!! And dude, just 'cause you in the slums don't mean you c'aint clean up that apartment. You bring a girl into a dirty apartment, only fuck 3 mintues and expect her to enjoy it? C'MON MAN!!! She strait up fine, man!!

The Grrreat Dane

December 26, 2010Don't act like a super lover if you ain't man. It's to sad... She's not laughing 'cause you are funny, homes.........


August 02, 2010wtf he only lasted like 4 minutes thats shit man, girl must have left disappointed


May 21, 2010stop damn man

you dont need to know

May 20, 2010what r the names of the songs toward the end???

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