Amateur wet and gooey orgasm

Amateur wet and gooey orgasm

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clit man

2013-05-25 10:30:34what a waste of a hot sexy pussey .i would please you so much you would through out the toy you ar4e hot dont waste time with that plastic cock go with the real deal baby


2012-11-24 11:41:35I would even like some of this girl too and I'm straight. mmmmmmmmmm


2012-09-08 22:51:54I'm getting my man now and we're going to have super crazy sex. This girl had a great body, tits to die for and and pussy and clit that makes you drip.


2012-03-24 16:40:35women who are not affraid to let themselves go & fucking cumm rule the world.....these are the women men love to fuck & fuck wit!!!


November 10, 2011I wanna have sex...


April 18, 2011Ooohh my god vibrator !!! You make me feel hungry, where can i found you in order to eat all that cum and squirt??????????


April 13, 2011i have the same toy as her and i do the same thing, make my pussy drip white cum, but i have loads come out, also i have the vibrating bit on aswell sooo i have a squirting cumming wet orgasm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


April 11, 2011You are right Tim, and I can tell all af you that it taste is just delicious, I love women who drip like this. Yummmiiii


March 12, 2011Idiots. That's not the lubrication produced by Bartholin's glands, and it's not "ejaculate". It's cervical mucus. Granted that she was shoving that toy so deep, she was likely poking at her cervix, and collecting small amounts of mucus on the tip of it. Anyone who knows anything about female anatomy knows what it is, and why it's the color that it is.


January 17, 2011dis is wat u cld happiness


January 04, 2011that looks fake and nasty healthy ejaculate should be CLEAR not white and clumpy yuuuuuck


December 09, 2010fuckin hot!!!


November 14, 2010angel i can take it to your door just let me know, also i can tell you how to use it, i will love that


November 08, 2010Wanted to lick that dripping cum..

God lol i dont know

October 24, 2010what are you talking about old school i have made a few girls do that it seems just about right


October 17, 2010Gooey should be clear, go see a doctor ;-)


October 17, 2010I have that same exact toy :) it was hott to use it while watching her use it at the same time

Col & Rat

October 07, 2010We have a Jack Rabbit... Best gift my husband ever got me.... Thanks Hun... Your welcome. I get the best head when I have this jammed in her cunt..


August 20, 2010You can't fake wet, so good


August 02, 2010@angel Check out :3


August 01, 2010wow, that's just great. Wish I have some of those things to use them in my pussy.


July 08, 2010girl you are hot


July 06, 2010your in the right place, the web!!!


July 02, 2010wooaahh! never seen toy's like this vwhere do i get them ??? :)

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