Amateur strap-on anal lesbians

Amateur strap-on anal lesbians

Length:  4:24


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stocking guru

2014-03-26 21:24:59Absolutely incredible. The knee high stockings are gorgeous as well. Nice change from the thigh highs. Im a huge fan of both though. Now to get my wife to watch this and perforn the same way.


2013-11-21 14:37:44Anyone else love the fact that the girl with lighter hair is wearing a scrungi??


2013-10-09 14:47:15fucking hot


2013-07-11 08:54:03So fucking hot I wanna try


2013-02-12 12:15:59Hey+


2012-12-11 19:47:59Oh my gosh Ahley sure knows how to fuck with that strap on, sure woud like to join them and let her do my ass while I enter and fuck the other gal. Hey @Ellie and @CFCs would you all be interested?


2012-12-07 22:18:46Yes


2012-10-20 00:43:38MY god this video is hot my pussy is sooo wet


2012-10-12 18:33:15eu queria foder voces duas bem gostoso


2012-09-24 01:57:48damn


2012-07-30 09:39:32she fucks better than most of the guys on here!!


2012-07-03 12:49:48fessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


2012-06-24 03:14:51that video is hot


2012-05-05 21:34:27love it so hot


January 30, 2012I do the same with my girlfriend, it is really really hot !

me me me

January 18, 2012for the ladies who are looking for a pussy i'm here do whatever you want with it ..... but just let me feel the woooooooooooooooooooooow ^^


January 03, 2012Whats kegans last name

black texas strapon chick

December 11, 2011so hot i need to find me a girl to use mine on

big cock

December 05, 2011o my god yess!!


November 20, 2011Both of them are hot and have nice tits. Does anyone know if there are any other videos with the two of them? I'd love to see them do more.


November 14, 2011That was hot. But it was too short.


October 06, 2011That was hot, Hot HOT! That girl getting screwed in the ass must've came 5 times. BTW, girls: my wife has always fantasized about women too, but is 100% straight - it even took her 5 years to confide in me. Recently, I tried 'tribbing' with her while having intercourse (it can be done, believe me) and she went wild like in no other position we've tried before.


September 22, 2011Tried it before with a friend and said it would only be once, now I can't stop thinking about it without getting so wet. I'm into toys and have bought them hoping to do it again.. Awesome strap on that penetrates the giver as well as the taker.... Can't wait to try it out.


September 18, 2011first time watching strap on porn gotta say it was very HOT


September 15, 2011The girl with the strapon didn't clean it off before she put it in her pussy. I would like to meet two straight girls that would like to try lesbian sex. I would buy the toys and the place so long as they let me watch.

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