Alyson Hannigan sex tape

Alyson Hannigan sex tape

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    Post As...mike

    2014-03-02 18:31:49Exploitedteens Guy?


    2014-01-18 07:34:14LILY'S DOPPELGĂ„NGER!

    dick hunter

    2013-10-12 10:10:28Not Alyson Hannigan


    2013-07-23 03:44:41she admits it was her on on the today show

    smart guy

    2013-05-29 22:03:14she is a lesbian by the wat...


    2012-11-27 03:35:00clearly not her alyson has very noticeable freckles all over her upper body

    Posted As...

    2012-10-22 10:23:16Definitely not Alyson Hannigan. There's some resemblance -- red hair, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth -- but she definitely doesn't have Hannigan's smile.


    2012-10-22 09:11:37You're THOR , I can't even piss through the damm thing !


    2013-07-19 17:28:53??? confused man, care to explain?

    Not her

    2012-09-27 14:35:14Not her


    2012-06-25 21:33:46Lol


    2012-06-13 14:56:29definitely not her


    2012-03-27 22:49:11Seriously though? Just look at the professional lighting and you can tell that this is no homemade sex tape.


    2012-03-13 17:30:37she looks a little bit like her, but she has different eyes, no tattoo and the tits look bigger. For her age, you've ever seen Alyson about some years ago ? She wasn't hot at all, she was ugly.


    2012-03-10 18:08:34that's our fucking maid!


    July 25, 2012ive seen this whole movie. it's luna lane and it's from a handjob video she did


    February 04, 2012I almost fell for it. However the lights in the end blew it for me. No way in hell does anyone use such lighting for home video. This was meant for professional release, and no way in hell does anyone with Alyson Hannigan's career do porn, or if this was supposedly before she became famous does anyone do porn and have a career like hers without it dogging her her entire life.


    December 29, 2011How the fuck could it even be her. Anyone who honestly believes that's alyson should get high fived, to the face, with a brick.


    December 28, 2011Did anyone stop to think about the age of this video? Maybe it was well before she got the tattoo like when she was a teenager. Not saying it is her though.


    December 24, 2011she eats a washkake


    December 13, 2011she doesnt even looks alike.


    November 30, 2011not allison, this chick doesnt have her tat and the face is different the eyes are all wrong

    mr nice guy

    November 29, 2011the real alyson has a widows peak hairline


    October 13, 2011 I love it


    September 27, 2011Shut up, seriously. I had no idea who Luna Lane was, so I checked her out. This is not Luna Lane. She has massive tits, and a much better ass. Her voice also sounds slightly different. So, y'know, get your facts right.

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