18YO Fucking her Tongue in her Friend's Pussy!

18YO Fucking her Tongue in her Friend's Pussy!

Length:  6:23


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2014-02-03 21:13:39omg i have a bf but my pussy achesto sucked fucked and beaten by a girl cuz theyon wat another girl wants i fell to ask my boy friend to inser his big dick in me.

fuck me tight

2014-02-03 21:07:58Tina u were so hot can you cum on me please


2013-12-29 00:32:29great action, really shot a big load

Wetta Is Betta

2013-05-23 23:05:27Strictly dickly here but I love cunnilingus so I thought I would give this video a go. I actually wasnt too fond of this video... Too much tongue in the vagina and only using the tip throughout. My man uses his entire tongue to lick my lady bits and-for me at least-a finger up my vagina feels much better.


2013-05-08 15:56:15Too much moaning and not enough dripping pussy. Fail

Post as...

2013-04-24 19:20:33Leave a comment...Divino, para hacerla temblar. Buen sexo oral


2013-03-11 20:28:04rack city bitch

horny lesbian

2013-01-27 01:29:20im a girl and i just came to that video. damn i wanna tongue my girl's pussy so bad now!!

Charmed Femme

2013-01-12 09:19:54my god, my lesbian partner tongue-fucks my pussy just like this!


2013-01-04 01:49:46my wife makes me lick her like that


2012-09-06 20:56:12nice jerking now


2012-06-19 05:30:19yum i want to eat that pussy too and have my pussy licked too by a girl im so wet omg


2012-03-25 10:44:55great little pussy


January 06, 2012Just did this to my wife.


December 12, 2011Ayyy mamacita te quiero mamar tu panochita y te vengas en mi boca tengo mi panocha bien mojada


December 12, 2011wish my wife wd let me lick her like that


December 12, 2011Man, this was such a hot sex, I used my giant vibrator.... oh made me soooo horny!


November 11, 2011i love it


October 23, 2011bravo!!!!


August 13, 2011I want her to eat my pussy right now. I have never had a man eat me like that.

@ Emma

July 08, 2011Its been a while since Ive been licked by a girl. Sometimes when my bf is doing it, I fantasize that it is my old roommate doing me again and I cum all over his tongue. He loves it, and never needs to know just what I am thinking when he is doing it, just as long as I dont shout out her name. LOL.


June 10, 2011hey guys did u like my video?! I loved suckin and lickin that cunt!! its so much better when a girl does it cuz they know what a girl wants!!! especially a girl ur own age!!!!


May 21, 2011Tina, thanks for the suggestion. I'm so wet and wishing I could have my pussy licked by a girl right now.


May 08, 2011Tina, I'm with you... girls just lick pussies better. Want to play with you when your bf is away... i'll relieve all your tension while i finger your ass and lick your pussy til you scream. Thanks for this video suggestion. HOT!


March 10, 2011This is pretty hot.

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